13 Jan 2017

Forced rhubarb brings a welcome blast of colour to the January table


Roast molasses pork belly with warm rhubarb pickle & Goat’s milk and rosemary jelly with poached rhubarb


Mid-January is never a great time of year – the weather can be bleak and everyone’s feeling a bit broke. Comforting soups can help, but brassicas and roots do start to lose some of their appeal around about now, through overfamiliarity if nothing else.

Thankfully, this is also a time when nature delivers a welcome blast of colour in the form of blood oranges and forced rhubarb, as exciting to a food lover as a new set of paints is to an artist. Rhubarb thrills me in particular, for both its flavour and its vivid, neon pink. The acidity adds a refreshing sharpness to both this week’s recipes, a sticky, meaty braise and a milky-white jelly. That pink looks especially glorious against the jellies , inspired by the bonkers multicoloured ones sold on the streets of Oaxaca City. For the full recipe click here