25 Feb 2017

Recipes for breakfast, brunch and pudding


The art of home cooking is about making life easier for yourself, not harder...


Breakfast and brunch are among my favourite meals, and equally delicious in all their forms, whether sweet, savoury, salty, healthy, fried, poached or baked. They have the advantage that the rest of the day stretches ahead, so even if you eat a little too much, you can still recover by bedtime.

Puddings weren’t a big thing in our house when I was growing up, so once I got to an age where I could cook myself, I had a whole world to discover. I started with creme brulee, which in the 1980s seemed the height of sophistication: what could be better than the magic of cracking through a golden sugar crust? Next came profiteroles, a real showstopper for a born showoff and a fine way to eat lots of chocolate ganache. From choux pastry I ventured into shortcrust and rough puff, and from there into any other pudding I found in my parents’ cookbook collection.

Now, with children in the equation, it seems churlish not to have some sort of pudding at the end of a weekend lunch. With work, family and friends pulling you in all directions, there isn’t lots of time to spare, so I tend to stick to a list of puddings that I feel are definitely worth the effort. It doesn’t need to be a great undertaking; it just needs to hit the spot when your tastebuds are searching for a hit of something sweet at the end of a meal. For the full recipes and video, click here.