15 Mar 2017

Serve breakfast sunny side up with this dish inspired by The Golden State


Country and Townhouse Magazine: Thomasina Mier’s Californian Cornbread


Star ingredient currently in season? Rhubarb is incredible to cook with because of its colour. That neon pink makes everything look beautiful. I love it in puddings or bellinis, poached in the oven with citrus and vanilla. But recently I’ve also been pickling it with coriander seeds and white wine vinegar. It’s amazing with a loin of pork or oily fish like mackerel.

What rules do you have in your kitchen? Taste everything as you go along. It really is the easiest way to improve your cooking. Also, always clear up as you go along. I learned that the hard way with John Torode. It makes your cooking better because you can think more clearly.

Quick weeknight supper? We eat mostly veg in the week, it’s quicker, easier and cheaper. I buy sourdough from the market on a Sunday and freeze it, which I toast and rub with garlic before piling with veg. Right now I would top with purple sprouting broccoli, roasted Jerusalem artichokes or Savoy cabbage.

Who would you like to invite for dinner? My best friends for a really boozy dinner because, between work and the children, it’s my closest friends I struggle to see. I would cook a sea bass baked in Thai green curry paste. Entertaining should always be quick. That doesn’t mean it’s not exciting; a roast chicken is easy but you can jazz it up with miso and coriander seeds.

Most memorable meal? I took my mother to The Clove Club for her birthday a few years ago. I don’t think she had ever eaten at a multi-course restaurant of that standard before. I’m a huge fan because their food has got real texture and bite.

Most exciting thing about the industry? The young people who have realised that working in hospitality isn’t a dead-end job. It’s creative, entrepreneurial and there’s real potential to make a profit. Just look at the street food stalls that have turned into restaurants. The standard is amazing.

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