10 Mar 2017

The humble leek is one of the home cook’s best friends, so make the most of it!


Harissa and coconut-roasted leeks with coriander rice & Cheddar, leek and maris piper soda bread


I am a huge fan of the allium family in all its guises, from onions and shallots to chives and all the rest. In Mexico, the onions are so sweet, they are often scattered raw over all sorts of dishes to add crisp lightness and gentle acidity. At home, I love to macerate shallots in vinegar, to add piquancy to salad dressings; and, in winter, I am often to be found slowly sweating onions into a brown, sticky mass, for use in pissaladière, French onion soup and a host of other mouth-watering dishes. Leeks, too, are just as versatile: leek quiche, leeks vinaigrette, baked potatoes with melted leeks and grated sheep’s cheese… This cheap and cheerful vegetable is one of the home cook’s best friends, so here are two simple recipes that show it off in all its glory. For the full recipe, click here.