31 Jul 2017

The quick dish: Thomasina Miers’ recipe for tomato and fennel risotto


Despite its humble origins, to me risotto has always seemed the epitome of luxury


In Italy in the Middle Ages, rice was regarded as an exotic treat for the rich, and imported at great expense. Later, when the Italians started cultivating it themselves, rice became accessible to ordinary people, who often cooked it in stock along with whatever bits were to hand, and in the process turned rice into a food of the poor, or cucina povera. Ironically, it was this fall from the tables of the rich to the poor that led to the development of risotto as we now know it, and which is featured in grand and humble restaurants alike all over the world. Despite its origins, however, to me risotto has always seemed the epitome of luxury, with all that care and attention from the constant stirring directly translated into each magnificent forkful. For recipe click here.