03 Apr 2017

The weekend cook: recipes for Sri Lankan cauliflower curry and miso and soy salmon sticky rice


Fancy perking up regular mealtimes? Look to the east for inspiration


I find the flavours and cooking of southern India and Sri Lanka intoxicating, with their use of fresh coconut and inspired spicing. It’s a cuisine so full of depth and flavour that it’s easy to feast on endless vegetable curries without really noticing that you’re not eating meat. These curries are much faster to cook than the slow-cooked meat dishes of the north, but they’re just as satisfying. Farther east, the Japanese have a light touch with rice and seafood, and frown on dairy, so here, too, you can eat incredibly healthily without missing out on taste. Much as I love butter and cream, or the comfort of a hearty stew, it’s a treat to try these different styles, especially as warmer weather starts to beckon. Carry on reading here.