03 Jul 2017

The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ raspberry recipes


Of all our glorious summer berries, the raspberry is far and away my favourite


My love of British apples is so strong that, despite the delights of summer, I always feel a bit bereft that they’re no longer available. No matter, berries are there to save the day at this time of year, and I find none as delicious as the raspberry. I like to use raspberries in savoury and sweet dishes alike, which is one reason I’m so delighted by the resurgence of raspberry vinegar, thanks in no small part to our love affair with all things Scandinavian. So, today, I’ve used them in a wonderfully colourful savoury salad, and in a lemongrass-infused compote that transforms a homemade scone. For recipes follow this link.