21 Apr 2017

The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ recipes for asparagus


Spring has sprung, so gorge on those gorgeous green spears while their short season lasts.


The arrival of the first asparagus each year means spring is in full swing, which is a boon for the smart cook. The markets will fill with wave upon wave of summer garlic, peas, courgettes, beans, berries, aubergine, tomatoes and so on, an ever-changing carnival of produce that goes on until the end of the year. The variety is brilliant. It’s worth going to a market even it’s only once a month, just for the sheer pleasure of seeing all this laid out in front of you. And if you’re clever about what you buy, and when, markets can be cheaper than supermarkets, too. Here, I am making the most of asparagus with a delicate chilled soup scented with dill and mint, and as the star of the show in a rich, sumptuous risotto. Find out more here.