14 Jun 2017

The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ recipes for veal meatballs with courgette and spaghetti, plus lem


Ignore the spurious dietary claims about spiralised veg – they are a great tool for delivering flavour


Having had battles with food in my 20s, I now take issue with all diets, and it seemed to me that the spiralising fad demonised perfectly friendly carbs that many of us already ate happily. What I overlooked, however, was the taste: dress a pile of light veg “noodles” – be they crisp and raw or soft and cooked – with something properly tasty, and they’re the business. You don’t need fancy, expensive kit, either: in my case, the accidental purchase of a vegetable shredder that I thought was a peeler has had me shredding anything I can get my hands on. The courgette ribbons in today’s meatball pasta make it an altogether lighter dish – and you can reward your virtue with the meringue parfait that follows. For recipes click here.