24 Nov 2017

Thomasina Miers’ easy recipe for potato, leek and wild mushroom soup with chipotle oil


A slug of chipotle oil takes this vegetable soup up a warming notch or two


In this age of sexy street food and fast living, we sometimes forget the pleasures to be found in a bowl of soup. In Mexico, however, where the food culture is ancient, soups are still celebrated and found on almost every restaurant menu, from thick, vegetable-based ones fragrant with wild herbs or humming with tender pulses, to beautiful clear broths made by simmering bones for many hours to extract every ounce of goodness. Twelve years ago, I helped put together a book of soup recipes to raise funds for Centrepoint and other homelessness charities. It was called Soup Kitchen, featured recipes from just about every chef you could think of and ended up selling more than 100,000 copies. To keep reading click here