04 Dec 2017

Thomasina Miers’ easy recipe for roast chicken with black pepper, oregano, bitter leaves and jerusal


You can use black pepper as an ingredient as well as for seasoning


I was at the Good Life Experience in north Wales this autumn when an old friend from school thrust a mysterious package into my hands. Intrigued, I opened it to find a treasure trove in the shape of small packets of black, red and white peppercorns. But this was no ordinary pepper: Kampot pepper, from Cambodia, was awarded protected geographical status in 2010, and is so floral and fruity in flavour, it was once known as the “king of pepper”. In the dark days of the Khmer Rouge, this pepper all but died out, but a small group of producers have since worked tirelessly to reintroduce it to the world. The result is Kadode Kampot pepper, which claims to be able to trace each peppercorn right back to the Cambodian farmer who grew it. To keep reading follow this link