25 Sep 2017

Thomasina Miers’ quick and easy recipe for Indian lamb chops with dal-style sweetcorn


Give British sweetcorn and lamb a north Indian makeover in this heady, spicy late-summer winner


Adecade ago, pulses and grains didn’t get much attention from foodies: while most agreed they were healthy, few would have argued for their gourmet credentials and, curiously, their good value seemed almost to work against them in loftier circles. How times have changed! Now that street food is all the rage, we are embracing ingredients from around the world, and the coolest restaurants are pairing Camargue red rice with beautiful Indonesian-spiced crab, aromatic Middle Eastern couscous with exotically seasoned chargrilled fowl, and British-grown quinoa with local cheeses, seasonal leaves and flowers. As our thirst for good food continues, so does our knowledge of the regional cuisines from around the world. This north Indian-inspired quick dish takes the idea of dal, but uses corn in place of lentils, not least because it was growing everywhere I looked on my late-summer tour of British food festivals. The sweetness of the corn goes beautifully with the seasoned chops, to create a treat of pure comfort food. For recipe click here.