13 Oct 2017

Thomasina Miers’ quick recipe for mackerel with charred spring onion salsa


Grilled spring onions are a feature of Mexican cooking, and the secret’s in being brave enough to blacken them properly


They love to char a spring onion in Mexico: in fact, it’s virtually a national sport. Normally served sprinkled with sea salt and wedges of lime, grilled spring onions make a delicious snack, an Aztec version of edamame, if you will; but they really come into their own served alongside grilled fish or meat. We went through a phase of charring and blitzing them into mayonnaise at Wahaca, but recently came up with this lighter salsa. Using only a few ingredients, brightened with lime and finessed with olive oil, it is a simple and great accompaniment to wheel out at a moment’s notice. I particularly like it spooned into a cheese toastie made with Lincolnshire poacher and sourdough, but it also works very well on a humble baked potato. Just make sure you get those onions good and black: normal grilling won’t deliver the same flavour. For recipe follow this link.