11 Aug 2017

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for chicken panzanella salad


Whether you cook it from scratch or use up a leftover roast, the addition of chicken turns this Tuscan classic into a proper mea


Iam a bread snob, and I will justify myself to anyone who’ll listen. I’ll happily fight this one out to the end. Jesus fed the people with loaves and fishes for a reason: bread used to be good for us, dense with vitamins and nutrients. After the second world war came fast-rise, “Chorleywood”-style bread, and in that much quicker process the bread proteins, which are very hard for us to digest, are not broken down properly. In the same era, farmers were incentivised to grow food for yield more than anything else (a policy that still holds today), and the idea that ingredients are for their nutrients seems to have since gone to the wind. To keep reading click here