29 Sep 2017

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for easy fig, dark chocolate and brandy cake


Soft figs, dark chocolate, toasted nuts and a big slug of brandy....


Are you the kind of person whose pupils start to dilate at the very idea of chocolate – you know, the dark kind that causes that blissful surge of endorphins as it melts on the tongue and hits the tastebuds? And what about figs? Soft, luscious figs with their soft, pink interiors… Mmmmm. Now what about combining the two together – and then stirring in some toasted hazelnuts and brandy for good measure?

I find those four ingredients an irresistible combination, but add a little spelt flour and thyme to the equation, and you have the makings of a quite delightfully fragrant tea cake. It’s just the thing to lift the mood at this time of year, too, when the daylight starts to leave us and the temperature begins to drop. Add a bowl of creme fraiche or cream on the side, and your friends and neighbours will be beating down your door to come and help you eat it.

Earlier this month, when we were on a family holiday in the Scottish Highlands, we took this cake with us on a picnic one sunny day and it disappeared in seconds. Though, if the mood takes you, that’s not to say you shouldn’t make it in secret late at night – just you, the cake and a heap of whipped cream. For recipe click here