09 Jun 2018

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for lamb meatballs with jewelled couscous


This recipe transforms lamb mince into a Middle Eastern-inspired meal that’s rich in flavour and spice


Every once in a while I rediscover minced lamb. It’s a winner, with its rich flavour, low cost and enormous versatility, conjuring up long summer evenings with a full table. I like to fry it in butter and cinnamon as a topping for hummus, or with smoked paprika and toasted pine nuts to eat with flatbreads and tomato salads, or use it as a stuffing for aubergines. It also makes for great burgers with armfuls of chopped fresh mint. Here I add gentle spices and roll the mince into balls – this is wonderful with a warm apricot- and pistachio-studded couscous. For recipe follow this link.