25 Aug 2017

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for Moroccan chicken tray bake


Bring the scents and flavours of Morocco into your home with this cinch of a chicken recipe


Imagine yourself sitting in a sun-soaked, dappled courtyard filled with lemon trees, an intricate mosaic underfoot. Whether or not you are able to go abroad this summer, one way to evoke a real sense of somewhere else is through its food. So this week, I bring you Morocco, by means of a heady mix of aromas, tastes and textures. If you think the recipe looks too much from the length of its list of ingredients, think again: it is no more than a simple job of assembling a few aromatic spices, slathering them all over some chicken legs and sticking the lot in an oven to bake. This is one for romantics who, while they may not have a tagine (a traditional Moroccan clay cooking pot with a conical lid), still want to feel as if they’re having lunch on the Formica table of some north African souk, complete with hot black mint tea. To keep reading click here