05 Jan 2018

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for soba noodles with rainbow vegetables in a sesame seed dressing


Need an antidote to January? This spicy sweet-sour noodle salad is just the ticket


More food: really? After two weeks of leftover roast potatoes dipped in mayonnaise for elevenses (because it’s Christmas), cake in the middle of the afternoon (ditto), mince pies drowning in rum butter and cream after practically every meal, endless cheese? I very rarely say this, but I’m ready for a break.

Not a break full stop – I have a greedy reputation to uphold, after all – but more a break from traditional foods, and in my post-Christmas delirium I keep thinking back to a blissful few weeks once spent in southern India, and to its richly spiced and largely vegetarian diet. We ate vast amounts, yet returned home feeling light and refreshed after this welcome holiday from heavy proteins. To keep reading follow this link.