03 Mar 2017

Want to perk up an everyday meal? Try using something old and something new


Guinea fowl and wild mushroom rough-puff pie & Yoghurt cake with pistachio, lemon and cardamom


When the markets have been selling the same produce for months, one way to keep mealtimes exciting is to seek inspiration from your kitchen cupboards. No matter how bare they may seem, there is often something hidden away at the back that will add va-va-voom to your cooking. Take today’s pie: use that old packet of dried mushrooms to turn a simple dish into something memorable. Guinea fowl may sound extravagant, but it is very tasty and no more expensive than a decent chicken; if you prefer, use leftover chicken: you’ll still get a terrific pie. And while you’re digging deep in those cupboards, pull out those bags of nuts, spices and dried fruit and use them to make a wobbly, feather-light yoghurt cake. For the recipes click here.