17 Mar 2017

Weekend cook: spicy chicken tray-bake and lemon drizzle cake


It’s often the simplest cooking methods that deliver the most flavour


Like most people, I am something of a creature of habit. Having children has made me more adventurous, as part of my quest to expand their horizons, but I still tend to use tried-and-tested methods just to make life easier. Today’s chicken dish is a case in point: in essence, it’s just a simple tray-bake, but it seriously delivers on flavour and introduces young mouths to chilli, albeit the mild, sweet ancho (now widely available in larger supermarkets and online); Spanish dried peppers work just as well, as do mild, roasted Turkish chilli flakes. And, for pudding, a light, delicate drizzle cake with a beautiful array of candied citrus ofr extra zing. For full recipe click here.