26 May 2016

Fork to Fork Festival


Outdoor Learning


11th June sees the second year of the Franklin Fork to Fork Festival, a celebration of food, drink, music and the buzz of a strong, engaged and active community!   There will be food from Kitty Fisher’s, the River Café, etc etc etc…..

The aim is to raise funds for the Open Air Classroom project at Ark Franklin Primary Academy where we are building an inspirational garden space that will be open to both the school and the local community.  The aim of the garden is to provide an enriching, exciting and educational space for children to learn the fundamental elements of healthy nutrition alongside mathematics, English, science and the wider curriculum, bringing their learning to life.  A place where pupils and the wider community can experience the joy of discovery, solve problems, be creative, develop self-confidence and mature both socially and emotionally. 

Our plans include a pond, raised beds, an outdoor kitchen, space for productions and a weather station, affording our children daily opportunities to physically engage with their environment.  We hope the garden can help reverse the trend that currently sees children in the UK spending less time in green spaces than the population of our prisons.  Our garden will give children access to the outdoors, reversing trends in obesity and childhood depression and giving our children space to reflect and grow.  See this amazing video……

Through gardening, teamwork and creative play we also want them to develop a resilient approach to life in the face of a rapidly changing workspace, arming them with practical life skills to go forth into the world.

Funded by the Fork to Fork Festival, The Open Air Classroom will provide a blueprint for schools across the country, encouraging more creative teaching and learning practices in outdoor spaces big and small.

Come and support our project by coming to the festival on 11th June where you can try the best of London food, listen to music from two amazing stages and take part in wonderfully traditional fair games. For tickets, click here.